NK set the evening on fire performing on one stage with world famous Latin singer MALUMA

NK set the evening on fire performing on one stage with world famous Latin singer MALUMA

On the 8 of July the long-awaited concert of Latin American performer Maluma, whose music conquered the world, took place in Kyiv. The famous singer gave an incredible show with hot dances, Latin songs and a bright laser show, which struck with its beauty. The artist conquered everyone with charisma, powerful energy and wind-up Latin American temperament. The glow of spotlights, the unreal laser holograms, the flames of fire and the whole performance of Maluma made this evening truly spectacular.

The concert program began with a grand performance of fabulous NK. The audience was fascinated with a spectacular dance show, beautiful costumes, fiery songs and unreal energy, which came from the singer. She lit the concert-hall and made everyone move to the rhythm of her magnetic songs.

Except for the powerful performances, NK and Maluma managed to communicate and share their impressions about the concert. The Latin artist admired his Ukrainian fans:

“The hall literally knew by heart every letter of my songs. It’s just unbelievable!”, – he admitted.

During the show, NK sang songs that have already become undisputed hits: #etomoianoch (#thisismynight), Lomala, Popa kak u Kim (Booty like Kim’s), Trymai (Hold Me) and Peligroso. Each was accompanied by a hot dance performance and a bright illumination. It’s hard not to mention spectacular outfits of the ballet and the beautiful attire of NK. The looks consisted of tops sparkling in the highlights, translucent bicycle shorts with interesting details and waist bags with a monogram of NK, decorated with a fringe made of crystals. The audience warmly welcomed Nastya and sang along every song.

“It was awesome! I am very pleased to be a part of this brilliant concert and open the performance of such a cool artist like Maluma. He’s just incredible! It was a fantastic show, filled with his powerful energy, hot dances and a colourful laser show. He set the evening on fire!”, – said NK|Nastya Kamensky.

“NK is very beautiful! She is very sincere and has a mind-blowing energetics. Her performance just made everyone go crazy! She’s got a real fire inside! It’s a rare thing that we invite the national singer to open my show. Often it’s only my DJ who plays at the beginning. 

It’s very cool that there is such an international artist in Ukraine as NK. We were happy to invite her to open my show”, – commented Maluma.

Maluma and NK have a lot in common. The Latin artist won the prestigious Latin Grammy Award, appears in the authoritative Billboard chart, creates tracks with Madonna, Shakira, Ricky Martin and other music icons. NK’s music also has no boundaries and is loved far beyond the borders of her native country. NK represents Ukraine at the international level, performing around the world, and even became a guest star at the Latin Grammy awards, and her Spanish-language track Peligroso has repeatedly held leading positions in the international Billboard music chart.


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