NK & Potap: The Wedding of the Century

NK & Potap: The Wedding of the Century

Potap and NK are artists who are renowned for their hark work and creative approach that allowed them to establish a legitimate empire under the name of “Potap & Nastya”. Their legendary duo became a sensational breakthrough after gaining fame and recognition all around the world. They truly deserve to be considered a power couple since only a few artists are capable of accomplishing things at a scale that Potap and NK did. 

In addition to immense success and collaborative creative efforts the couple shares a sincere and passionate love for each other. NK used to emphasize her vision that happiness appreciates silence. That’s the reason why the couple preferred to save their feelings to themselves rather than disclosing details of the private lives to the public eye. However, due to a massive attention to the artists, it was decided to share with fans and supporters the most intimate and sensitive secret. 

The wedding of the century took place on May 23, 2019. NK is now officially a wife to Oleksii Potapenko (Potap). To mark the date the latter released an official music video named Constanta on the day of the wedding. NK features there as a leading character while the lyrics explain that Potap entirely supported the attempt of the beloved partner to keep the relationships to themselves.  

“I tried my best to protect her from undesired eyes, words and postings. I become sincere only with the most valuable people to me. The love existed, exists and would keep on existing. — confesses Oleksii in Constanta – the song devoted to his love. — I love you the most on this world and we’d have the cutest kids as I love you the most in this universe. My love is constant – it would never change.”

NK dedicated her latest hit Obitsau to Potap just like he did with Constanta. The music video for Obitsau is full of symbols: from characters featured by NK to the final scene of the video – hands attempting to reach one another from Michelangelo’s painting The Creation of Adam. One hand belongs to NK another one to Potap. By the end of the video, NK shows up wearing a wedding dress teasing about the upcoming event. When paying a close attention to the video made by Potap, one could logically assume that it’s a continuation for the music video “Obitsau”. The artist starts his song in a form of a reply to NK’s confession. The lyrics for Obitsau are taken from the bottom of the heart with every single line being full of love. 

“I promise to love, care always support and inspire. Remember this.” – tenderly pledges NK by the end of the romantic composition. 

For the ceremony held on May 23, the bride selected an ideal wedding dress from Luxury Bridal Store «Novias».

Potap and NK made a decision to share the news and their happiness on the day of the most significant event because of the deep appreciation towards supporters who are believed to enjoy the celebration of the couple. Oleksii Potapenko and NK are truly happy and in love.

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