Hot collaboration: Juan Magan and Ukrainian pop diva NK, who takes Latin music world by storm, presented a sensational hit and official music video «Lollipop»

Hot collaboration: Juan Magan and Ukrainian pop diva NK, who takes Latin music world by storm, presented a sensational hit and official music video «Lollipop»

February 14, 2020: Two major international artists Juan Magan and NK released a hot new track and official music video for the song “Lollipop

NK is in love with Latin American culture and popularizes it in Eastern Europe. The artist, who for several years has been recognized as the best Ukrainian singer, in a year she learned Spanish and has already released two singles in Spanish. The track “Peligroso” was on the Billboard chart for 6 consecutive weeks, and the song “Elefante” gained 25 million views on YouTube in less than 8 weeks. NK also managed to please us with two bright collaborations – a remix of the song “Peligroso” with De La Ghetto and the latest novelty – the fiery track “MIAMI” with Jacob Forever and Jessy Frank. And today, she is introducing a new sensational collaboration with Juan Magan.

“Having solid experience working with artists around the world, I can say that NK is a very talented singer, she has magnificent voice that the whole planet should hear. In only two years of a solo career, only the most top-end and purposeful performer can reach such incredible heights not only at homeland, but also abroad. This is unbelievable. And working with her is a unique experience for me, ”commented Juan Magan.

The official music video, which the artists presented on Valentine’s Day, shows the story of two hearts in love who are separated by distance, but brought together by love and passion.

“I like to create music without borders, to show that all borders exist only in our head. And I’m very glad that Juan Magan shares this idea as well, – NK said. – We got a cool collaboration, very passionate one. Lollipop is about passion and ardent love, dedicated to all those in love. “

The song was recorded at the legendary recording studio in the United States, which over the past 30 years has released dozens of gold and platinum albums. Artists such as Rihanna, Coldplay, Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Shabba Ranks, Gerald Levert, Bob Dylan and others also worked at this studio.

Now the singer is finishing work on her first Spanish-language album, which she plans to present in spring.

Juan Magán creó un dúo con la diva del pop NK de Ucrania, que a la velocidad del rayo conquista Hispanoamérica: estreno del vídeo y la canción Lollipop

El artista mundialmente conocido Juan Magán cantó a dúo con la diva del pop NK de Ucrania, que a la velocidad del rayo conquista con sus canciones Hispanoamérica y los charts musicales por todo el mundo. Hoy, el 14 de febrero, se han lanzado el single sensual y el vídeo para la canción Lollipop.

NK está enamorada de la cultura latina y la divulga en Europa Oriental. La artista, que se lleva los galardones a la mejor cantante de Ucrania desde hace varios años seguidos, en un año ha aprendido español y ha lanzado dos singles en este idioma. Su canción “Peligroso” permaneció 6 semanas seguidas en el Chart Billboard, mientras que la canción “Elefante” en menos de 8 semanas en YouTube cuenta con 25 millones de visualizaciones. Además, NK hizo dos dúos fantásticos: un remix con De La Ghetto a su canción “Peligroso” y otro reciente lanzamiento, una apasionada canción “MIAMI” en colaboración con Jacob Forever y Jessy Frank. Y hoy se estrena su nuevo dúo con Juan Magán.

“Mis muchos años de experiencia en diversas colaboraciones con los artistas por todo el mundo me permiten afirmar que NK es una cantante talentosa, con una voz divina que ha de oír la gente en todos los rincones de nuestro planeta. Exclusivamente un cantante de primera, tan dedicado a sus objetivos, es capaz de conseguir tales cimas tan solo en dos años de su carrera profesional y no solo en su país, sino también en Hispanoamérica. ¡Es increíble! Y nuestra colaboración para mí es una experiencia inolvidable”, – comenta Juan Magán.

El vídeo, estrenado el Día de San Valentín, nos cuenta la historia de dos corazones enamorados que separan muchos kilómetros de distancia, pero unen el amor y la pasión.

“Me encanta crear la música que no entienda de fronteras, mostrar con mi propio ejemplo que todas las limitaciones existen solo en nuestra mente. Estoy muy alegre de que Juan Magán comparta esta idea, – dice NK. – Nuestra colaboración ha sido magnífica, con mucha pasión, puedo decir. Lollipop es una historia sobre la pasión y el deseo ardiente que se dedica a todos los enamorados”.

La canción fue grabada en el estudio famosísimo de EE UU que en los últimos 30 años ha lanzado decenas de los álbumes reconocidos con el Disco de Oro y el Disco Platino. Además, en este estudio grabaron sus canciones tales artistas como Rihanna, Coldplay, Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Shabba Ranks, Gerald Levert, Bob Dylan entre otros.

Hoy en día la artista está terminando su primer álbum en español cuyo lanzamiento se espera por esta primavera.

“Collaboration of three cultures”: the premiere of the track “Miami” by NK and the world-famous Jacob Forever and Jessy Frank

The long-awaited premiere of the track “Miami”, a collaboration of three cultures by Nastya Kamenskikh, Jacob Forever – a world-famous reggaeton artist and Dominican young artist Jessy Franko took place on Friday, January 24, and is now available at all digital platforms.

Having taken Latin America and the world music charts by storm, NK continues to create music without borders and to unite cultures. Therefore, the new collaboration by pop diva NK called “Miami” wasn’t left out of the Latin American mass media attention.

“I have worked with many cool international singers, so I can confirm that NK is a real professional, she doesn’t just know Spanish well, she senses the music, she feels the Latin American culture. I really like her idea of combining such different cultures, and especially the process of working with her”, commented Jacob Forever on working with NK.

Jessie Frank is also impressed by the collaboration with NK: “It’s very cool to work with such a talented singer who has so quickly conquered Latin America and continues to conquer radio stations in US and Canada. We’ve got a cool collaboration and an even better track, so listen, enjoy and stay positive.”

The track “Miami” was recorded at the legendary recording studio in the United States, which has released dozens of gold and platinum albums over the past 30 years. Artists such as Rihanna, Coldplay, Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Shabba Ranks, Gerald Levert, Bob Dylan, and others have also worked at the Studio. The track “Miami” was mastered by leading American music experts. The song is dedicated to “everyone who likes traveling and beach holidays”.

“I am very happy to share with you the result of our joint work. Jacob and Jesse are incredible, they are real professionals and the result is an awesome track with a great mood. When your idea is to unite cultures and it is supported by artists with a world renown, people who conquer the world’s music charts, it is indeed very inspiring. Miami to everyone! “, said NK. The track “Miami” is available for streaming and download on all digital platforms via the link.

This is not the first successful collaboration between NK and world-class stars. NK’s debut English-Spanish track “Peligroso” topped the Billboard, Music Choice, MTV, and HTV charts and attracted the attention of popular Puerto Rican artist De La Ghetto, so the result was a collaborative Remix of “Peligroso”.

NK’s new collaboration with international artists is a logical continuation of the success of her previous singles “Peligroso” and “Elefante” in the Latin American market. Nastya Kamenskikh is the first Ukrainian artist to represent her country at such a high international level. The management of NICE2CU, having extensive experience in implementing successful international projects, is happy to support NK’s mission to create music without borders, ” said Valeria Koval and Ilona Pashkevich, top managers of the company, on the release of the track.

NK was invited to Mexico to present her next Ukrainian-English-Spanish single, where she premiered it in the most popular TV and radio programs. In just 8 weeks, the music video has collected more than 20 million views, and the song itself tops national music charts in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Hot Premiere: Ukrainian pop diva NK has released a new single and music video “Elefante”

Ukrainian pop diva NK, who conquered Latin America with her track “Peligroso”, presented a hot new track and video “Elefante”.

NK Elefante

NK is in love with Latin American culture and popularizes it in eastern Europe.  In her songs she gives Latin American music a completely new sound and style.  In her new absoute hit “Elefante” there is an unusual sound, music and text hooks, and its visual story excites our minds and just can’t leave anyone indifferent.

The track sounds fresh and unique.  It’s a result of symbiosis of Latin American culture and ukrainian flavor.  There is a fusion of folk instruments, a unique combination of ethnic motifs from different cultures.  Melodic fans interlace with groovy Latin American dance rhythms.  All these traits create an atmosphere of a colorful carnival spinning in the track “Elefante”.    In the song we hear three languages at once:  Spanish, English and Ukrainian.  NK is a cosmopolitan girl, so she combines cultures, and emphasizes that there are no boundaries for music .

The music video “Elefante” is juicy and bright, its main characters are unique, special as no one else.  Glamor, burlesque and a pinch of freakiness are all in this video. 

“Elefante” is surreal and full of subtexts, their meanings should be read between the lines.  It is meant to show how bright the world can be.  The world where everyone remains self, and individuality becomes the main value.  NK calls for the appreciation and respect to Diversity in the world.  With her music, she spreads all the good, original and happy that is going on in the world.

“In my music I show the world’s diversity, I want to inspire everyone to be open and seek to know the world and all its cultures.  In this video, we tried to broadcast the main human values ​​and motivate people to look deeper than a wrapper.  Each of us is unique, and I urge everyone to love yourselves as you are!  After all, our individuality is a power that can change the world, ”NK shares enthusiastically.

Since childhood, NK has been surrounded by Latin American music and culture, as her parents lived in Mexico for some time, and the first song she rememberes to sing was “Cucurrucucú, paloma”.  NK also spent some years in Italy, traveled the world on tour, and now this love to multiculturalism drives her creativity.  It was a combination of different cultures in her music that made her a real cosmopolitan girl.  The main message she brings to the world is:  music unites and has no boundaries.

Ukrainian pop diva represents her country at major Latin American music ceremonies such as Latin Grammy, Person of the Year.  With her first Spanish track “Peligroso” and her featuring with De La Ghetto on a remix, she topped the charts of Billboard, Music Choice, MTV3, HTV, the artist proves that her music is international. 


NK set the evening on fire performing on one stage with world famous Latin singer MALUMA

On the 8 of July the long-awaited concert of Latin American performer Maluma, whose music conquered the world, took place in Kyiv. The famous singer gave an incredible show with hot dances, Latin songs and a bright laser show, which struck with its beauty. The artist conquered everyone with charisma, powerful energy and wind-up Latin American temperament. The glow of spotlights, the unreal laser holograms, the flames of fire and the whole performance of Maluma made this evening truly spectacular.

The concert program began with a grand performance of fabulous NK. The audience was fascinated with a spectacular dance show, beautiful costumes, fiery songs and unreal energy, which came from the singer. She lit the concert-hall and made everyone move to the rhythm of her magnetic songs.

Except for the powerful performances, NK and Maluma managed to communicate and share their impressions about the concert. The Latin artist admired his Ukrainian fans:

“The hall literally knew by heart every letter of my songs. It’s just unbelievable!”, – he admitted.

During the show, NK sang songs that have already become undisputed hits: #etomoianoch (#thisismynight), Lomala, Popa kak u Kim (Booty like Kim’s), Trymai (Hold Me) and Peligroso. Each was accompanied by a hot dance performance and a bright illumination. It’s hard not to mention spectacular outfits of the ballet and the beautiful attire of NK. The looks consisted of tops sparkling in the highlights, translucent bicycle shorts with interesting details and waist bags with a monogram of NK, decorated with a fringe made of crystals. The audience warmly welcomed Nastya and sang along every song.

“It was awesome! I am very pleased to be a part of this brilliant concert and open the performance of such a cool artist like Maluma. He’s just incredible! It was a fantastic show, filled with his powerful energy, hot dances and a colourful laser show. He set the evening on fire!”, – said NK|Nastya Kamensky.

“NK is very beautiful! She is very sincere and has a mind-blowing energetics. Her performance just made everyone go crazy! She’s got a real fire inside! It’s a rare thing that we invite the national singer to open my show. Often it’s only my DJ who plays at the beginning. 

It’s very cool that there is such an international artist in Ukraine as NK. We were happy to invite her to open my show”, – commented Maluma.

Maluma and NK have a lot in common. The Latin artist won the prestigious Latin Grammy Award, appears in the authoritative Billboard chart, creates tracks with Madonna, Shakira, Ricky Martin and other music icons. NK’s music also has no boundaries and is loved far beyond the borders of her native country. NK represents Ukraine at the international level, performing around the world, and even became a guest star at the Latin Grammy awards, and her Spanish-language track Peligroso has repeatedly held leading positions in the international Billboard music chart.


Wedding outfits of NK

An event of the century – a wedding of NK and Potap took place on May 23. The ceremony was organized in Boho Rustic style with every single element reflecting it: from decor to the appearances of the bride. Decorations were coordinated by GG Project event agency while flower compositions including an amazing arc where provided by Fiori studio. 

During the celebration NK showed up having different classy outfits. 

The first one was a common choice for a bride who’s getting ready for the most significant day of her life. It consists of a white flattering robe with sleeves decorated of soft feather. A gorgeous embroidery ‘Bride’ made of pure white pearls shined on the back of the robe. The outfit with a conceptual style and unique design was presented to NK by her best mates at a hen party shortly before the wedding.

The second and major outfit was an extraordinary wedding dress striking with magnificence. It was purchased in a Luxury Bridal Store Novia – the store that exclusively provides top collections of universally recognized brands Haute couture. The artist found the one and only dress of her dreams for the special date in her life. A transforming floor-length dress by Galia Lahav had a tight fit, low cleavage, Flemish lace and careful hand made embroidery. It should be also mentioned that a skirt of a few layers with a superfine net, delicate organza and a long tail added regal splendor to the apparel. The happy bride looked incredibly, charmed with her beauty and sensitivity. According to the closest sources that’s exactly the outfit NK was dreaming of for her perfect wedding. She was truly happy to find an ideal dress at Novias Bridal Store. 

By the end of the ceremony marvellous NK changed again: this time she showed up wearing a sportive outfit. She had an all white compact dress on and a half-transparent organza bomber with a ‘Wifey’ embroidery on top. To complete the apparel, the artist put massive Buffalo sneakers on. The outfit was created together with Ira Lan (a stylist) and Tatiana Larina (a sewer-constructionist). The appearance was designed that way it would be reflecting to the full extent the unique style of the artist while being comfortable and cozy to wear. In everyday life NK prefers sport silhouettes and appreciates sport. Both factors were fundamental when creating the third outwear. 

NK & Potap: The Wedding of the Century

Potap and NK are artists who are renowned for their hark work and creative approach that allowed them to establish a legitimate empire under the name of “Potap & Nastya”. Their legendary duo became a sensational breakthrough after gaining fame and recognition all around the world. They truly deserve to be considered a power couple since only a few artists are capable of accomplishing things at a scale that Potap and NK did. 

In addition to immense success and collaborative creative efforts the couple shares a sincere and passionate love for each other. NK used to emphasize her vision that happiness appreciates silence. That’s the reason why the couple preferred to save their feelings to themselves rather than disclosing details of the private lives to the public eye. However, due to a massive attention to the artists, it was decided to share with fans and supporters the most intimate and sensitive secret. 

The wedding of the century took place on May 23, 2019. NK is now officially a wife to Oleksii Potapenko (Potap). To mark the date the latter released an official music video named Constanta on the day of the wedding. NK features there as a leading character while the lyrics explain that Potap entirely supported the attempt of the beloved partner to keep the relationships to themselves.  

“I tried my best to protect her from undesired eyes, words and postings. I become sincere only with the most valuable people to me. The love existed, exists and would keep on existing. — confesses Oleksii in Constanta – the song devoted to his love. — I love you the most on this world and we’d have the cutest kids as I love you the most in this universe. My love is constant – it would never change.”

NK dedicated her latest hit Obitsau to Potap just like he did with Constanta. The music video for Obitsau is full of symbols: from characters featured by NK to the final scene of the video – hands attempting to reach one another from Michelangelo’s painting The Creation of Adam. One hand belongs to NK another one to Potap. By the end of the video, NK shows up wearing a wedding dress teasing about the upcoming event. When paying a close attention to the video made by Potap, one could logically assume that it’s a continuation for the music video “Obitsau”. The artist starts his song in a form of a reply to NK’s confession. The lyrics for Obitsau are taken from the bottom of the heart with every single line being full of love. 

“I promise to love, care always support and inspire. Remember this.” – tenderly pledges NK by the end of the romantic composition. 

For the ceremony held on May 23, the bride selected an ideal wedding dress from Luxury Bridal Store «Novias».

Potap and NK made a decision to share the news and their happiness on the day of the most significant event because of the deep appreciation towards supporters who are believed to enjoy the celebration of the couple. Oleksii Potapenko and NK are truly happy and in love.

Obitsau Music Video

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